Monday, February 24, 2014

The Marietta College Class of 1964 Falls Into the Rhythm of Campus Life

By late fall of 1960, the Freshman Class was conquering the sometimes challenging transition from high school to college and enjoying a variety of social events, including Homecoming and Greek Rush. They decorated a class float for the Homecoming parade and cheered the Pioneer football team on to a come-from-behind victory over Kenyon.

Dean Ruth Wilcox accepted registration forms from 135 freshmen women who "rushed" to pledge a sorority.  Open houses, formal teas, and preference parties were an important part of the social scene during November.

Although most Marietta College students were not old enough to vote, they were interested in the 1960 presidential election.  Backers of the Nixon-Lodge Republican ticket wore campaign buttons and distributed political leaflets; Kennedy-Johnson supporters listened to Professor Jack Prince speak on behalf of Democrats in Otto Lounge. Some students had the opportunity to meet Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., a Kennedy campaigner, when he visited the ATO house. Others were interested in hearing Richard Nixon speak at the Armory on Front Street.  Nixon won an overwhelming victory in the mock election held on campus in early November.

 All images were originally published in Marietta College's student newspaper, The Marcolian.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting to Know You: Welcoming the Marietta College Class of 1964 to Campus

Marietta College, 1960

Members of the Class of 1964 arrived at Marietta College on a Sunday afternoon, September 11, 1960, and with "beaming faces" began their journey through higher education. After being welcomed by President W. Bay Irvine, their first week on campus was filled with assemblies, dorm meetings, and class placement examinations. Some time was also set aside for food, fun, and meeting new friends during the Freshman Picnic at Masonic Park.

Write and wait! Filling out forms in the registration line.
Students enjoy food and companionship at the Freshman Picnic.
The Freshman Handbook contained everything new students needed to know about clubs and campus resources, but the most important information of all was found on page eight - a list of rules to be followed during the week of freshman hazing. Beanies and over-sized name cards were required to be worn every day from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and freshmen were to carry matches and chewing gum for the convenience of upperclassmen. They must be able to answer questions about the history of Marietta College and to perform any of the school songs and cheers when requested by a sophomore.

The unofficial headquarters for hazing was located in front of the Gilman Student Center, where "wary frosh, who were trapped by their tormentors, staged command performances of Time Honored Marietta." Any sign of belligerence or failure to produce the desired response resulted in an appearance before Kangaroo Kourt. Sophomores definitely had the upper hand during freshman hazing, but claimed that their "guidance" united members of the new class and introduced them to the college.

Learning from the upperclassmen.
A command performance.

 - Marietta College Special Collections